Rehab Center in Missouri

Rehab Center in Missouri

1. Building Mission, MO Rehab Center, November
A construction team will be going to assist in the building of a new dormitory for patients at New Life Rehab Center in Cabool, MO. The team will work on: electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, siding, drywall, trim, etc. The team will leave from Lexington, KY on Sunday November 14 (after the KY Regional Prayer). Mission Dates: Sunday, November 14- November 21. Anyone interested in going to assist may register with Tanya Alekseyenko by email at: Questions regarding construction may be directed to the project manager, Timur Ablaev (330) 990-3285 (or Vadim Levtonyuk (216) 789-9539)). Below list of people assigned to each type of work.

Dates: November 14th-21st
Project Manager: Timur, Cell: 330-990-3285
Electric: Alex Cherevko (Hartville, OH)
Plumbing- Alex Meleshchuk (Columbus, OH)
Trim: Alex Meleshchuk (Columbus, OH)
Drywall: Sergey Martinyuk (Cleveland, OH)
Siding: Ivan Lehky (Hartville, OH)
Heating and Cooling: Roman Galay (Cleveland, OH)

There is a video and all this info on

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